Monday, March 2, 2015

My Shizzle-Design Knockoff

I had the opportunity to visit some estate sales last week and turned up some nice pieces. Armed with a tutorial from Shelly at I hit the workroom ready to paint.  If you have never visited their site you must take a minute and see the beautiful pieces Shelly and her sister are creating.  Not only are they talented, they seem like down to earth people!  Shelly even responded to a comment I left on the site!!  Do you have any idea how special I felt?  No pressure here, but I was determined to recreate Shelly's Signature Finish.
This little table caught my eye and I almost left it behind because it was little shaky.  But the lady running the estate sale gave me such a deal I couldn't leave it.  I figured I could fix the shakes and who's worried about a split in the top??  I got the low down on how to fix that from another furniture painting hero, Angela at A to Z Creations.   Angela does all the video tutorials for the chalk paint product I use and sell, Websters Chalk Paint Powder. She's a lot of fun to watch and very talented.

I really love the age spots and pretty details.
And those curves!

I forgot to take any photos while I was working on it because I was really focused on getting it right.  How embarressed would I be if this turned out to be a total flop?? Of course, you would never know because this post would never be posted!

 So how did I do?

Websters Chalk Paint Powder is mixed with latex paint to make a super durable, easy to use chalk paint.  I started with a good coat of brown paint followed by coat of gray, applied as a wash and then wet distressed with a wash cloth.  I love the way the brown paint peaks out of the gray at all the right places.

All finished off with Fiddes wax and she's ready to hit the booth.  If it ever stops snowing here! Crazy weather here in North Texas.  Happy March!


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