Thursday, August 7, 2014

Something old, something new at the Antique Mall

It is hard to believe it has been a year since I dove headfirst into my painting/picking business when I opened my first booth in an antique mall.  My spot was way in the back of the mall which suited me just fine.  I figured nobody would see what a novice I was if I hid in the back!

Six months in and I needed to make a decision - leave or stay.  You see, I wasn't selling an awful lot and my rent was beating me up. I had become a retailer for Websters Chalk Paint Powder (check it out here) but couldn't sell it in this mall because they have an exclusive with another chalk paint retailer. Sales in my Lewisville booth were going well, mainly because of the Websters. But our new manager had a solution: move my booth closer to the center of the mall, and start working the desk in exchange for rent.  Perfect!

So here I am, six more months and still sales aren't good.  I've learned a lot from the staff here and I enjoy working and getting to know the other dealers. I've made friends here.  My booth has never looked better, thanks to Cathy Lee!  But that hasn't changed my sales.

I have always heard that when one door shuts another one opens.  And that door swung wide open for exactly what I was looking for, a boutique.  More on that later!

So today I will sadly say goodbye to my first booth ever and adios to all my new friends.  But I will be back, because The Antique Gallery in Denton is one of my favorite places to shop! You should check them out sometime soon!

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