Monday, August 11, 2014

A New Beginning

Last week was crazy hot here and what was I doing??  Moving.  Moving my booth from one location to another 10 miles away and 100+ temps.  It took three truck loads in my favorite pickup in the world. 
Have I mentioned how much I love my little truck?!

Thanks to my wonderful sons we got it done and everything is set up just like I want it.  And I actually made some sales this weekend!  That's what I call a good start. 
Ready to use Websters mixed with Valspar latex

I am still so excited about this new location.  It is a quaint little boutique on the square in Sanger, with twelve dealers offering a variety of product.   It's one of the nicest shops I've been in before!

I have painted and unpainted items for sale and, I will do a custom paint job on your own piece or one I find for you.

The concrete wall with that hideous unusual mural is proving to be problematic.  Since I can't paint it I will have to move on the plan B.  I hope there is a plan B

In no time I was able to fill the space up with my entire booth from Denton plus a lot of stuff from our garage (husband very happy).

 I'll need to add more lighting and try to add a roof with an old pallet, but the ceilings are really high so that might not happen.

We got off to a good start and I am looking forward to a long stay at  Have a great day!

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